Saturday, December 5, 2009

Venezuela: Hugo Chavez now weighs in on being a "size activist"

Jennifer Barreto-Leyvas reaches out to her fellow Venezuelans as obese dictator Hugo Chavez decides to weigh in as a size activist.

He said, ""Venezuelans, check yourself, you are way too fat." Those were the -- once again -- wise words of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez on his very own 5 hour-long TV Show "Alo Presidente" broadcast every Sunday on National Television."

Jennifer is brave to talk about a man--talk that could get her in trouble. Having lived in the Soviet Union, all I can say is--be careful what you say about tyrants. So I consider Jennifer's work, words, and way of living revolutionary.

She notes, "Someone who has gained a tremendous amount of weight since he has been in power, living la vida loca and traveling all over the world, paid by us -- our taxes, tears and, the people, the suffering people.

While he said such a ridiculous statement, we overweight Venezuelans are living in the most fat-phobic country, under the most abusive and unacceptable conditions, where being overweight is worst than being a drug dealer or a delinquent."

Weight may in fact be an issue in Venezuala, but what seems more important is "the millions of homeless people who have nothing to eat, the thousands of kids living in the streets -- what happened to the promise he made them ten years ago?"

I admire spiritual revolution and the brave work of Jennifer Barreto-Leyva. Way to go, Jenn!

What can I say to my fat sisters in South America? You are in my prayers. And you are in the good hands of Jennifer Barreto-Leyvas.


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