Sunday, October 4, 2009

O, Conan!

Now I know he just suffered a concussion---- but.....

No matter how far I think we are getting in the world of size acceptance and positive media ( not far--but every little bit counts); there is always something to set us back.

On the Friday October 2's episode of The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien; he had a sketch in which he has an ongoing 'fight' with Newark mayor Cory Booker. In the skit, Conan talks of his latest medical mishap and 'introduces' his fake neurologist-- a FAT doctor--eating a sandwich. OK, well at least the 'fat guy' was smart enough to be a doctor-- ok--but WHY is he eating a sandwich? Because he wanted to show that the doctor was so busy he had to eat on the run? WHY is the character on stage with food? If was showing, which is my guess, that he wanted to show a doctor with blase approach-- why not have him listening to an ipod while he works rather than eating? I just don't get it.

See for yourself: Conan's 'fat doctor'

Maybe it isn't entirely negative, but I fail to see it being positive as well. To top it off, Conan, supposedly, in words I heard him say-- that he has a brother who is around 400+ pounds.

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