Wednesday, November 11, 2009

FAT GIRLS FLOAT Chews the FAT on 11/15!

Hello there Fat-o-Sphere!

Back in 2006, I created a blog called The BBW World when I began production on my then-titled documentary film, The BBW World: Under the FAT.

With a 5 minute "this is how you hold the camera" lesson, I was off to the BBW Vegas Bash in 2006 at the Star Dust to party, talk, meet, and record BBWs and their admirers from 11 countries and all over the United States. I didn't get to interview all 1300 bashers, but.. I did my fair share!

From there, I began to manage living my dream of pursuit of collecting stories from fat women/BBWs, their admirers, and friends and giving them a voice.

After Vegas, I set out to Chicago, London, Paris, 3 cities in Russia, Los Angeles, Boston, and all over the New York metro area. If I had my wishes come true, I would love to travel the entire world collecting these stories on film: imagine talking to fat women, women of size, and thier admiorers from Mauratania, Tonga, Amsterdam, Renjevik, Japan, China, the Middle East! If I had the means, there is no place I would not go!

We all share something in common, and that is the world's misunderstanding--yet fascination and critique--of us and our bodies. Everything in life and the biological living world, especially people, come in all different sizes and shapes--and so does beauty. And we are included in this beautiful world, and it is about time the rest of society makes room for us. I would like to think that the tides are changing, and warming up to welcome us. Look how far we have come already!

Upon that reflection, I hope we give thanks to those who have pioneered and paved a way for each of us. I also hope that we can come together and share a sense of unity, welcoming everyone within the spectrum of fat and size acceptance and diversity, where ever they may be on their journey. I think that would provide strength to those who fight some very hard daily battles with media, the general public, and the internet to feel a greater sense of support.

I really do believe in my heart that there is room for everyone. I also truly believe that we are far more powerful together than any one of is alone.

Enroute to greater solidarity and a free space that can free us, I am delighted to announce that Ivan Greene has generously created Size Acceptance Salon for that very purpose. A place where every person of the fat-o-sphere and size acceptance communities can come together and chat.

In his very first salon, Ivan has partnered with Corinna Makris of This Lush Life and A Celebration of Curves and feature FAT GIRLS FLOAT.

I am very honored and excited to be a part of a great new cohesive event.

I will be talking about the film, my fundraising campaign over at, and am thrilled to talk and take questions from all callers.

So, I will you Sunday night at the salon! It reminds me of the images I have always had of Russian literary salons, and the French and German philosophy salons of yeateryear--where great minds think alike!

See you Sunday at 7:00pm EST!


ps. You can send any questions you might have over to Ivan!


  1. Kira, I am so excited to have you as my first panelist for the Size Acceptance Salon and I look forward to more collaboration in the future.



  2. You're excited? I'm excited out of my gourd!