Sunday, December 13, 2009

93 backers @ $6560.00! My sincere thanks! to all!

My dear friends and suppporters!

WOO HOO! O my goodness! or as I am fond of saying-- Holy Smoking Joe Frazier! [who is following me on Twitter, btw!]

THANK YOU BACKERS! You are dear people and I thank you frm the bottom of my heart! Please know I will never forget this.

I do not know where to begin, but would like to thank each and every one of you. Your kind donations have given me so much inspiration to keep fighting the good fight.

After a long haul, and a long hiatus (2008), Fat Girls Float has been reborn. This one woman show has partnered with a special friend of the project who will be advising on edits and the shaping of the footage--and all the while trying NOT to make it look like a lazer light show at a Phish concert ("not that there is anything wrong with all that")! : ) But, I am excited to get on to the next step in post-production!

I do believe, on my own dime, that I will need to return to London due to poor audio. I believe the my Brit ladies add an interesting perspective to the film. I will also return to Los Angeles with the hopes that some special ladies will join me in front of the camera and have their say. And there is a few more people I'd like to shoot around NYC. We a great big wonderful community, and, as always, I would like to include everyone.

I want you to know how grateful I am for your generous support. I always say that humility is best reached through practice, and this endeavor was certainly a testament to that.

There have been good strides in the size acceptance communities. I want to believe in letting the plus-sized person become a part of the mainstream party, but there are many people, especially women, who still feel that they are on the outside looking in. I would like to erase that wall with this film. In the wise words of my friend Velvet, who has always been a great sense of support to me--personally and professionaly--this film is a quilt of all the special voices of women who walk around in plus-sized/fat bodies. Its inspiration is already recognized by an 18 year old girl who contacted me to say that the trailer served that purpose in her life. And all I can help but think is, who else is still suffering? How many more women can be helped? I thank you from the bottom of my heart in allowing me the opportunity to do that!

I'd like to thank JN for loaning me his camera and believeing in my idea.

JR and CZ-- this is ALL because of you! Thanks for the invite! and a special thanks to CZ for the tip-off!

This achievement would not be possible without the efforts and enthusiasm of Ivan Greene of FAT IN and the Size Acceptance Salon: Chewing the FAT,
Corinna Makris of, Jay Solomon of, and Golda Portensky of

Velvet--for always caring, and for always listening, and for always making me laugh!

With tender gratitude I also thank:

Bianca and Sylvia @, Kay@, M.E. Wood,

Heather Boyle for your kind words of support, always welcoming me to film, and for putting it on!

Anna North of thank you for writing about such an imoprtant points in FGF.
Kjerstin Johnson of you for the post!
My dear Raqui of and LIC
My dear Aja Stubbs of and BellNoir
My dear Tee@
My dear Nancy Goddess for showcasing me on her TV Show and at Goddesses'.
Lara Frater @ FatChicksRule--why? cause you are a fat chick who rules!
Bri@ your support, putting me on the feeds (Thanks Corinna and Ivan!), and your sheer kindness to feature me on your site!
Brie Brown @
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Jo and Richard
Jadox @ BigGirlProof--for your support, your song, and your support. (And your hugs!)
Di @
MaryAnn Johnson @ Alliance of Women Film Journalists--- I am humbled, touched, and without words!
MoePie@ BigFat
Rakisha White @
Goofy for posting the jezebel article on
Trillian's post on
Deb Beuregard!

To my new producers: Alex Stone, Conner, Durette, and Nancy Goddess! Get ready! :)

David R. Garrett--for all his sheer kindness, special advice and ear lending.
Deb Malkin from Re/Dress and the lovely Bevin-- thank you for the support and my first ever FGF live showcase!
T.King--for your advice and support.
Bruce--for listening, advising, sharing, and caring!

For all of you who blogged, reTweeted or shared it on FaceBook! and any other web sites where FGF come up via Google, but are not found, whoever posted it on,, and!

If there is anyone I forgot, it due to sheer exhaustion! and I beg your apologies!

All my interviewees--you are brave! You inspire me!

All rewards will be sent out as soon as possible. Velvet will be personalizing your photos, as I will be the production stills, so it may take a bit of time from them to get them from Paris to New York and then out to you--considering the holiday card rush. I will be keeping you informed. I am not sure if I have a permanent home on kickstarter, but hopefully they will supply me with that information soon enough.

In the mean time, I would love if you could be my friend on FaceBook, and follow me on Twitter
(I am getting better at it! Right, Jay?!), you'll be able to stay more closely attached and up to date. please also consider following my on my blog listed below.

I remain, with a smile, a humble fat girl closer to her dream.....all because of YOU!

OK, queue music --> We Are the Champions! Yee ha!

My very warmest regards and the happiest of holiday wishes to you all,


New York City

"In a culture where fat can weigh you down, the only thingthat keeps you from sinking, is the size of your heart. FAT GIRLS FLOAT."

+Ms. Shriver--you remain in my prayers+ +MyStarinFlight--this one's for you.+


  1. Like I said, before, this is awesome! Can't wait for the finished project. And we are soooo ready for our closeups. :P


  2. I really wish you well with your documentary - I'm biased, I have a massive crush on Velvet! - but it's an important topic, best of luck!

    Kevin Millar