Monday, January 11, 2010

Dance Your Ass Off can Kiss my Ass

I got home late, so you guys probably already probably tore into this, but here is my 2.5 cents. (Inflation, ya know)

Always sweet and professional Marissa Jaret Winokur parts as Dance Your Ass Off's hostess.

I saw one episode, as I do not have nor watch tv. However, while visiting family, I will watch tv, because some of them are regular tv watchers (whatever that means).

Ok, so I get the double entendre of "dance your ass off"... why did it have to be about weight loss instead of fitness? Or is it? Please let me know if you are a regular viewer. As a dancer, and having been around dancers..pretty much all my life (from age 4-- that counts as pretty much all my life, by the way-- in my book, anyway), and it is an amazing way to get more fit. And yes, I am also in Big Moves New York! Dancers are some of the world's best athletes. And as I recall my old ballroom teacher saying that as such, it would be considered an Olympic sport--one day. Even though there has been advocation for danceport to be included in the Olympics for at least ten years, no such possibilities were set in 2008, nor 2010.

Nonetheless-- it is a way to get fit. And Olympic in its own way.

I am sad that Marissa, who has always been a size positive person, who has contributed willingly and nicely as far as I know to NAAFA etc., is leaving. However, I do agree that she should have had regular interaction with the contestants, as she wanted. If I was her, I would want that, too-- it is normal.

They criticized her for her appearance? Say WHAT?! They can go bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep bleep! She is in great shape. Not--she is in great shape for a full-figured woman. And a beautiful looking natural lady.

I think she is an excellent actress, wonderful hostesss, and good role model. And yes, I know she tweets what she eats....and is even fond of Red Velevet cupcakes, but she is trying to do the best for herself--making good and healthy choices. She still comes across as a positive person and one with integrity (ie. no sposal abuse, scandel, or drugs.) So......

Even though Mel B was my fave Spice Girl (back in the day); they are losing me at the concept with her as host. I understand the point-- she lost her baby weight by dancing. Yeah, ok. Actually they change the concept---- lose enough weight to look like a former, plastic surgery enhanced Spice girl. Not a cancer survivor who gives of herself, has a baby with a surrogate, is in a stable marriage. Yeah, ok--cause the 'skinny girl' should be you, and is, um, better. Mel B has had her share of tabloid trash. True or not....and yes, you can't always believe EVERYTHING you read in the National Enquirer, but you can believe some things. (They broke the John Edwards scandel, for example.)

Seems like fattys cannot even get a shot at being among their own. I friggin' hope Marissa ends up hosting Jeaopardy! when Trebeck retires! As if, but you know--hope spring eternal.

She is a competent hostess. I don't blame her for wanting to leave---- just another example of size discrimination, in my opinion. Don't worry Marissa... I am still in your corner, girl!

Dancer and Promotions Directer, BIG MOVES NEW YORK


  1. Greetings,

    I just wanted to say I saw the trailer for Fat Girls Float and I loved it. I am a disabled SSBBW from Wisconsin and, even though we have our fair share of fat women in our area, I still receive horrid comments about my size/wheelchair. (I guess the combination is too spectacular to ignore! lol)

    I think what you're doing is incredible and I salute you. Thank you for this.

  2. Dear my friend n Wisconsin....

    You hang in there, girl.... and keep on keepin' on.

    Put a smile on and roll right past every one of them!

    Thank you for your wonderful comments.

    Much love