Thursday, January 28, 2010

Height/weight Discrimination Bill in Massachusetts

Unfortunately, due to an internet issue, which left me without internet for several days.... (Yes, I paid the bill!) I had a lot of email that seemed not to go anywhere... not exactly sure how that was/is possible. So, i do not think it made it to the committee on time, but I re-sent anyway. -KN

Dear Ms. Choi,

Since you are a member of a liberating and liberal state, where democracy’s roots generated a nation of rebels who fought for freedom; I urge you to continue the fight. The roots of freedom and democracy anchored the ideas that make the U.S. a world power. And as such, we hold the thoughts of splendor of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness near and dear to our hearts.

Height, weight, and size discrimination are a very real part of life for those who are short-statured, or differ in the weight/size of what society depicts as the ‘norm.’ People of all shapes and sizes hope to provide a service to the company or institution for whom they work, and expect, rightly so, to be paid a decent wage for it, and maintain the same sense of decorum and respect as their peers. But it doesn’t always seem to be that way for those who are deemed ‘different’ because of their height, weight, or size. However- they, we are credible and integral parts of the cog in the societal wheel AND labor force, particularly in Massachusetts.
As Massachusetts has the 15th largest population in our United States of America, I am sure that there are many people of all shapes and sizes, who have been, are, or will be discriminated against unless this bill is passed. As your state is often referred to as ‘the spirit of America’ please speak and stand up for those who hold the ideals of working in a safe and comfortable environment—a right that should be legislated and available for all U.S. citizens.

In March of 2008, I journeyed to your state from New York City to address those present at the hearing of the bill helping to put a face on those who are discriminated against. You would not want any family member to suffer the injustice of discrimination—in any form; and especially not in the work place. Such discrimination or ill feelings lead to tense work life that debilitates the comradely spirit of any work place.

Please do not be afraid to stand up for what is right, even if you are standing alone. You can and must do so! Tax-paying people of Massachusetts deserve the right to work without being discriminated against—the right to provide for themselves and their families and loved ones.

I urge you to please help those who need you, need you to be strong, and help everyone in your state to have a voice, by allowing people of all sizes and shapes within the Massachusetts to feel the freedom of our fore fathers, and live free. The very history of the name and translation of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is size orientated in and of itself as “little big hill”—perhaps not only a historical sign that indeed, there is room for everyone to work—no matter their size.

With kind regards,

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