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Girthful Girl’s Rachel Kempster, Yuliya Rachel from and Gaelle Prudencio from France

Kira Nerusskaya @ Full Figured Fashion Week from Paul Rosovsky on Vimeo.

Girthful Girl’s Rachel Kempster, Yuliya Rachel from and Gaelle Prudencio from France

And in that order!

I was waiting for something, but could wait no more. That being the case, please enjoy this 17 minute mash-up of beauty of these 3 amazing women at Full Figured Fashion Week, making their mark on the global plus-size world.

Alright I will admit I probably went a bit over the top on my comments about UK fashion designer Julien MacDonald, who called plus-size models a “joke.” But, it was fresh in my mind at the time. [] Sir, the “joke” is on you. Why do I find it ironic that his name is MacDonald! Of all things! Dude, have you ever feasted your eyes on Sage Salzer for example? For the record, (and not that it matters!), but I am certainly straight; however, I think she is “dreamy,’ because having met her once--the beauty oozes out from the inside of her kind heart. And there are countless others from the iconic Velvet to Fluvia Lacerda, the Brazilian Bombshell.

If I was super-mean or violent, he would be visiting a dentist! Knowing my contrite self, I would probably ask my Uncle to give him a discount on new teeth.
I always have that inner-nice gene working overtime. I really wish I could bitch-slap it into submission and be a little more—a lot more?—coarse—in letting out both my true New Yorker side, and the Sicilian. (Have to be careful with that one, WE did invent the Mafia.)

Someone who has no problem showing her sunshiney self is Rachel Kempster.

Girthful Girl’s Rachel Kempster

To me, Rachel is not only a PR magishionista, an author, a blogger, and bubbly person; BUT I like and appreciate her honesty in her journey—as well as her courage to make the journey. I like that she chose, quite simply, to get involved and make a positive contribution! She plunged into the blogger world motivated to DO something, something especially positive. I also love that she used her wonderful PR skills to aid Gwen Devoe and elevate Full Figured Fashion Week to another level. Even though she would like to hug a fat girls she meets on the street along her daily journey—and take them all to Re/Dress—and I advocate for all fat girls to please hug Rachel, nicely!—make sure you also thank her for doing such a great job to help—you.

No matter how tired you are, take a moment to “Become Your Dream” (DeLaVega)

I have been pretty quiet, over-working myself and probably over-thinking too much. But what you may or may not know is that to complete a project such as this, with only occasional help (and that means someone else holding the camera and doing sound because I refuse to use a tripod and then interview if I need to be in the shot.) I have struggled (physically, metaphysically, and financially) quite a lot along this road beginning in 2006, and have done so silently. Partly because that is how I am made, partly because I have a 13 hour a day job, and partly because I am very private when it comes to certain struggles. Most struggles. Almost all struggles? However, never once, when it was past mid-night and I was crawling into bed, ankles swollen from sitting in the more or less same position, right side of my neck partially if not practically completely numb for holding it on a tilt—did I ever think that this was not all worth it. And at 5am, my alarm clock squeals the weather from 106.7 Lite FM. (yes, I know, the horror that I am THIS old/young and listening to…... that…...)

And so I shall continue. Not having enough time to read blogs like I should, not having time to update my darn FaceBook, nor enough time to do what I hate most—complain.

But I do have a brief moment between trying to loosen the tense muscles, wondering if I am causing myself permanent nerve damage in my neck, and putting in my retainer to breathe, to sigh, to dream, to envision I see myself walking the damn red carpet [and who I am with always changes!] answering Joan Rivers, “Who I am wearing? Why, Yuliya Rachel of Igigi, of course.”

IGIGI’s Yulia Rachel

It is all about energy, and good energy produces good things. That is what I got from my fashion guru, Yulia Rachel of I recalled reading about my friend Corinna Makris of This Lush Life and A Celebration of Curves venturing out to Igigi in San Francisco for a tour and blog post.

I have an, albeit small, section of my teeny tiny closet (you call that a closet?!) dedicated to Igigi wear. In fact, introduced my aunt to Igigi, and she bought her wedding dress from Yuliya this past April. You go, Mrs. Banwell!

So it was nice to meet the lady behind the label, and even get the chance to laugh in Russian. I loved interviewing Yuliya not only because of her good vibes and personal dedication to full-figured/plus-sized fashion; but she wants you to love you, because you are just fine the way you are. To quote her, “There is nothing wrong with you.” I feel that you may or may not change your body, but you can always change your mind.

Good Divas have Good Taste

And I would like to shout out to FatBitch Erica Watson who *almost* wore her tangerine version of the same Igigi dress to that FFFW panel. She promised that one day we will wear our Igigi dresses somewhere. And we should have a camera following us, girl. It would be hilarious! O, the poor New Yorkers who would suffer our wrath! I laugh because this summer I have been personally verbally accosted on 2 different occasions when women (1 young and ‘skinny’ and 1 old and overweight) yelled “Precious! Precious!” to me. Now, if they did that when Erica was with me, I would like to say—you have that partly correct BEE-YOTCHES---SHE IS IN THE MOVIE!

But, precious, in the true meaning (including Precious) we are: courageous, strong, and moving forward. And doing it with style. And Igigi.

And if you have not voted for Erica Watson at the Brooklyn Museum, shame on you! Go DO IT!

You can also WATCH Erica Watson on “Sex on TV” which airs Sunday, August 15th at 8pm EST on The TV Guide Network. You can also see Erica’s blog at

Gaelle Prundencio

Viva jolie French blogger! You just want to hug her, she is so darn cute. And you have to love the pictures of her on her blog; it looks like Velvet could make a cameo appearance around any corner of Paris.

What drew me to Gaelle was her honesty and candidness on how just eating a sandwich at a café in shorts and a short sleeve shirt is considered “unacceptable” for plus-size people in France. O, Kim Brittingham—how about that for showing beyond the elbow? Get the latest on reading about her hips, Read My Hips at

Since filming there in Paris in 2007, I was not surprised; but always saddened by this, and it makes me want to spit for lack of a better catch phrase. THIS—in a land revered for its sauces, yet doesn’t think fat people worthy of vegetables. Yes, yes, yes. I got it on tape!

Despite our fat rampage, the war on the obese, the hot and cold reception from the media on people of size plus, and them getting it wrong most of the time, as well as the discomfort (of watching others deflect their garbage on to an innocent fat by-stander—which just might be YOU, by the way) remember that the grass is only greener over the septic tank. In case you want to go outside and wear your tank top and eat your sandwich, there is one of your fat sisters in some town or village in France sweating inside, probably in long sleeves, dreaming for a freedom of body size in a land where its very own motto of Liberté, égalité, fraternité doesn’t hold up.

Life. Got it.

Liberty. It could use some work, frankly.

Pursuit of happiness. That is up to you, baby.

And if you haven’t learned anything from Gwen Devoe—learn this: If you don’t have it, create it!

I humbly remain yours,

Fashionably rockin’ my certain summer uniform—an Old Navy tank and denim skirt complete with FitFlops. No worries, as I work in front of the computer. No one sees me except my tea cup (as in Earl Grey, not canine, my Dell laptop, and some dude from Seattle.

Rockin’ it in the air-conditioned East Village with her cash-flo going to ConEdison,

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